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Personal + PROFESSIONAL Development

Lauren speaks regularly at events, sharing and teaching others skills for both personal and professional development. Lauren offers workshops on building character, living life in alignment with your values, confidence and goal setting.


The World Health Organization estimates that depression is currently the fourth biggest, costliest, and most debilitating disease in the world and by the year 2020, it will be the second biggest. It really highlights the need for us to be able to understand, be able to talk about and manage our emotions and teach our children too as well.

This is why we have designed a workshop for children and their mental health, in these workshops we can teach you parents and your lovely little humans;

• To understand and talk about emotions + explore how different feelings can look different for different people.

• How to help children healthily self regulate.

• The relationship between our brains, today's social media & increasing rates of depression and anxiety.

• The importance of practising gratitude and how to introduce it in your every day life.



“My daughter and myself attended ‘Let’s talk about our feelings’ workshop earlier this year.
Lauren was fabulous. She created such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, that my daughter felt comfortable participating in group discussions. With the strategies presented and putting them into practice at home, she is a more confident and happy child unafraid to tackle new challenges. The session also gave me many tools, and more understanding on how I can help empower my kids to be their happiest selves. Thank you Lauren.”

Chelsea – Parent

“I loved that we all got together and shared and learnt about feelings. Thanks Lauren.”

Zaylia – Age 9

“Lauren’s group session was very informative and a wonderful chance to allow kids to express themselves in a very relaxed setting. Lauren visuals techniques were a fantastic and fun way for kids to understand their feelings and the effects they can have on their emotions.These sessions I believe could have a major impact on the way our youth deal with the emotions. Maybe enabling them to see that opening up is a good thing.”

Robyn – Parent

“What I really liked about the “Let’s talk about our feelings” workshop was when Lauren showed us the jug filling the cup with emotions, it was amazing. I really think it helped me so much. Thanks Lauren “

Tahlia, Age 9

“ I attended the “Let’s talk about our feelings” workshop with my daughter earlier this year and found it to be very helpful with identifying how our bodies can overload with emotions and we need to find ways to self-regulate. Lauren created a really comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for the kids and adults attending. I really liked the topic of gratitude and how to use this in everyday life. Thank you Lauren”

Rebecca – Parent

Lauren’s group session was fun. I liked that we talked about how people express their emotions in different ways. I learnt that when you feel upset or angry, it can help to do an activity that you love.”

Grace, Age 12.


“Gold Coast  Academy of Sport has been privileged to have Lauren King deliver several presentations to our athletes. She skilfully covered the topics of Personal Branding and Development. With her upbeat delivery style, pertinent questions and insight, Lauren connected with our athletes. We received positive feedback from our athletes, who enjoyed and benefited from the presentation. Lauren is personable and professional .We look forward to using her services in the future. “

Joanne Daly – Program Manager at Gold Coast Academy of Sport

“Lauren presents a highly relevant and engaging workshop that enables young athletes to think deeply about who they are and who they wish to become. Her personality and style of presenting puts her clients at ease and allows them to comfortably engage in the chosen topics. I would highly recommend Lauren to both schools and individuals alike.”

Nick Alidenes – Teacher at Upper Coomera State College

“I liked the concepts discussed in the workshop with Lauren. They made me feel more confident in myself; that I am someone and not just an average person that could mean a lot to other people. Lauren made the workshop really interactive which helped to keep it engaging and fun.”

Year 9 Student – Upper Coomera State College

“At our company we always try to provide our employees with the all the best tools for success. When we first spoke to Lauren we mentioned what type of message we wanted to get across to our sales team and she understood right away what we wanted. Her presentation resonated with our staff because what she taught us wasn’t only for us to use at work, but also in everyday life.”

Joseph Pierre – HR Manager

“I had never experienced life coaching or to be honest knew what a life coach really does until my sales team manager hired Lauren to come and speak to the team I work with. Lauren is fantastic! She is so confident and intelligent. Her delivery is so powerful and meaningful. I’m very black and white (and quite factual based) however, within the first 5 minutes of her coaching session she had me thinking about things and considering choices I make in my day to day life that I have never given myself the opportunity/chance to think about before. I’m already looking forward to put things into place regarding goals & decisions which Lauren has inspired me too make. I can say on behalf of the team, that all of us were blown away but how much as little as 1 hour impacted us. I will be asking my manager to bring her back!!! Lauren is an inspiration, don’t be fooled, she says it how it is and it was very meaningful, a wake up call and very real!”

Jane Tomlins

“Lauren was amazing and completely changed my view on life coaching as a whole. I left the session inspired to do more in every facet of my life. I would have no reservations recommending Lauren. Thanks again, I can’t wait to touch base and let you know what I have been working on.”

Jacob Banks – Sales Manager