How I bought more time / UK + Croatia Vlog

It’s crazy our quickly life can change when you decide you want to change it…

I am leaving Europe with such a full heart of gratitude. We have spent the last three weeks not only slowing down, relaxing and enjoying being lazy lizards under the European sun but also spending some quality time with some of our nearest and dearest. I still pinch myself because three years ago I wouldn’t of been able to afford this trip (especially when we are getting married this year and have also been to Dubai, Bali, California and Dans off to NZ next week for his bucks party - all in the last 7 months ) but.... the biggie is I wouldn’t have the leave.  


Before Babes in Business I just kind of accepted that for the next 50 years I would have to work 48 weeks a year to earn my 4 weeks off and only have my maternity leave to enjoy slowing down and enjoy having a family on my own - which means that unfortunately I would have to miss out on magical moments like these, weddings, Christmas’s with our family overseas, baby’s first steps, travel and some of the things of my bucket list - but hey that’s life right?

Money is important - but time is the real currency. Time is something you can never ever get back - and I am forever grateful for the time and flexibility I have been able to buy for myself and our future family in three short years of working online. Excited for the next 50 years of more magical moments like this with the amazing people people we have been blessed to have in our lives.

Watch Part 1 of our Eurotrip with our UK + Croatia Vlog where we got celebrate Dan’s mum Mandy’s 60th in Croatia!

We are holding interviews next week for women who would love to join the Babes in Business Team - email us if you would love us to send you some information to see if it could be a way you could create more time for the important people and things in your life too! Or lets chat up for a virtual coffee date!

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