I am so excited to be able to finally officially share this with you guys! I have been sneaky and dropped a few hints over the last 12 months and shared some sneak peaks with you, but it is time to let the cat out of the bag… I WROTE A BOOK!

I have been trying to keep you guys posted (you have probably seen me popping up in your newsfeed over the last five years) with my ventures and what I have been up to since finishing my Psychology Degree. If I haven’t had the chance personally (I am sorry, life has been so full) you can read about it here. I am so passionate about holistic health, specifically Positive Psychology.

In the Western world, we now have a higher standard of living than humans have ever known before and yet, humans today don’t seem very happy. We are experiencing a mental health epidemic - the World Health Organisation estimates that depression is currently the fourth biggest, costliest, and most debilitating disease in the world and by next year, it will be the second biggest. So I think its time for some REAL TALK. I wrote a book about the things that people don’t really talk about.

We have media bombarding us everyday telling us what we need to be happy and what should make us happy. People are overwhelmed yet still looking for purpose, meaning and an understanding of why they are feeling the way they are feeling and comparing themselves and their lives to everyone else’s highlight reels on the multiple social media platforms we are exposed to in the 21st Century.

This book equips you with the practical skills and mindset, backed with the psychology, research, and statistics to help you unlock the code to success, in your life, relationships and career (with some positive, warm and fuzzy vibes thrown in, sprinkled with tough love). This book is special because not only does it share personable stories that we can all relate to (reminding you that you are not alone in what you're going through), but it also has the credentials and research behind it giving it the credibility and applicability in the wellness, health and business space.

The publication date will be released soon, so keep your eyes on this space! We will be sure to let you know when it’s available at your closest book store! But in the meantime to thank you for your continued love and support over the last five years while I’ve been busy getting my business off the ground - I wanted to gift you with the first chapter of my book for free. I hope it serves you.

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