I have been DYING to share this with you - 3 years in the making.

I went LIVE yesterday on my facebook because I was so excited to share with you what we have been busy working on behind the scenes and what has been 3 YEARS in the making... The Healthstyle Emporium Official website and log on portal for our gorgeous clients is officially launching next month!

I wanted to thank you guys for all your love and support over last few years while we have been getting this baby off the ground. I am not going to lie, starting your own business is scary. There has been days where I have felt overwhelmed and fell into a slump, days where I have felt burnt out and defeated by the amount of people I know who are out there struggling and in pain wishing I could give and help more, days where the self doubt has been louder than the self belief and days where I have thought "f^&k it" it would be easier to go back to working for someone else - rocking up at 9am and clocking off at 5pm.....but then I look at our private members group where I read all the real and raw testimonials of the thousands of women and families WE HAVE been able to help over the last 3 years with their health, wellness and happiness and I realise... 
it has all been worth it.


We started off with a deep aching working in the welfare and health care systems,  wishing we could do more to help more people be happier and healthier in our crazy fast paced lives - where somehow despite all these 21st century gadgets and social media outlets which were designed to make our lives easier and connect more people - we have found ourselves running around like crazy people, trying to meet the crazy expectations we placed on ourselves and others, overcomplicating our health, being confused and overwhelmed with the mass amounts of information + advice out there and admittedly, although we have never being this "connected" with social media still never feeling this "disconnected" with mental health statistics still on the rise. 

Our mission was to help people slow down, get back to basics and have a one stop shop where you can be supported, encouraged, celebrated, educated and empowered to make small sustainable healthy lifestyle choices to nourish your mind, body and soul - because prevention is less painful, less costly and way more enjoyable than cure. Health really is your wealth - without it...what do you have? 

So in case we aren't already connected on Facebook, I wanted to share with you the story of where it all began so you can understand why we are so passionate and excited to share our online holistic health program with you and invite you to be part of our beautiful, supportive and positive community.  To show my gratitude for your continuous love, support and encouragement -  I wanted to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first members inside next month. If you are own your own health journey and are sick of trying and spending your money on quick fixes and bandaids or if our mission of inspiring holistic and healthy living around the world resonates with you  contact me - I would love to chat and make you a member of our free private group so you can see the impact we are making around the world to see if the HSE could be something that you would love to be part of that could also help you on your health and healing journey too.

If there is someone on your heart that you would love to help with their own health and wellness please pay the gift forward and share this blog with them - the world needs more education, more support and a place to be nurtured and reminded everything they need they have inside of them, they are loved and more than enough.

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