How I ditched the rat race to chase the sun instead


Wow! Where has this year gone? Only a few weeks until Christmas - 2018 has flown by so quick! I hope you didn't waste the last 12 months you were gifted with and got to create some serious magic and tick off some of those big scary goals of yours. I am just packing my bags to head off on another trip around the world - this time (funnily enough) I am not chasing the sun. We are heading to Las Vegas with the Babes in Business Crew for some work (always mixed with pleasure), then London to spend the festive season with my fiancé's family (hoping for a White Christmas - keep your fingers and toes crossed for me) then Dubai for New Years because why not? It has been on my bucket list for a while so time to tick another bad boy off!

I was asked earlier this week to be on my girl friends Jess's podcast Dream, Believe and Achieve to talk openly about my transition from ditching the rat race to chasing my dreams and the sunshine instead! As I was chatting to her I realised I haven't actually told you guys how I went from my completing my Psychology Degree, writing my thesis, to working in child protection to now being paid to travel around the world and link arms with other heart driven women who share the same passions of empowering others with holistic health, wealth and abundance.

So I thought I would share this week's podcast episode with you for a few reasons;

  1. So you can understand why I am always jet setting around the world and "how" I actually get to enjoy the lifestyle I do in case it is also something that aligns or resonates with you (if so just message me, I am more than happy to send you some information to see if our business could be a good fit for you too - I am always looking for like minded, positive and passionate women to link arms with).

  2. Hopefully it inspires you to pursue your own dreams if you know deep down that right now you are settling or pursuing someone else's (or even worse busting your butt to help someone achieve their goals at the expense of your own values, health and mission).

  3. For the sake of not glorying my "job" or my journey. I wanted to get real and raw with you about the speed bumps and challenges I faced along the way and some psychology and mindset strategies I used to help me create a life I love with the flexibility to spend more time with the people I love - despite the naysayers, moments of self doubt and curve balls life throws at us along the way.If you would love to listen to the episode while you're driving, cooking dinner or going for your walk in the morning - click here.

    I hope this serves you. I am going try to drop in some love before Christmas (but if I am honest, I am actually going to try my best to stay offline so just in case I don't get to chat to you beautiful - I am wishing you and your family a Merry and safe Christmas and a happy, healthy and abundant New Year!I am going to make a VLOG of our adventures to share with you when we are back - but if you like you can watch the VLOG here of our Las Vegas trip last year with the Babes in Business where I got to surprise my Mum and Dad and take them to Vegas too which is something that has always been on their bucket list! Just one of the many magical moments I have been able to create since saying yes to Babes in Business. I wonder what magic you could create for you and your family in 2019 if you asked yourself what if it could be for you too?