Follow us to Bali!

So we just got back from an amazing week with our Babes in Business family. My partner and I treated ourselves to some time unplugged filling our cup up with some sunshine and smiles after our business retreat - this is a little sneak peak of what we got up to on the VLOG!

I will be forever grateful for the life I have been able to create with Babes in Bizz and just want to use this opportunity to remind you that if you are feeling lost, unfulfilled, stuck or stagnant in a job that you're not passionate about -  please let my VLOG ...or even MY LIFE remind you that there is a Life Above Zero and you deserve to live it.  I’m not a millionaire and nor do I want to be. I just want the lifestyle and freedom to enjoy life instead of working 50 hours a week the best years of my life in hope I’ll get the opportunity to enjoy it in the last years of my life. Life is happening now - are you getting the time to enjoy it or have you bought into the rat race epidemic too where you seem to spend every waking hour working yet still can’t seem to get more than a week ahead?

There are so women like me who have studied 4 - 6 years at university to get a job in the corporate world - that are quitting their jobs that we worked so hard to get for this exact reason! If you're one of them - do yourself a favour and listen to last week's episode on Babes Talking Business Vlogcast if you're curious where we go and how we do it, or even better - email me and lets organise a time to catch up for virtual coffee date babe - because if you're anything like me...I know I had lots of questions and misconceptions so I am an open book if you would love to chat!