Healthy living is not merely the absence of illness.  There is a Life Above Zero, you deserve to live it.

Hi, I am so thrilled to have you here and I trust that the universe has an intention or a plan for you, in ensuring that I have crossed your path for a reason however you may have stumbled across me; whether it’s from my book, instagram channel, my podcast, youtube or my business mentoring and wealth creation program “Babes in Business” where I share my blueprint on how I have created my own Life Above Zero, freeing myself from the rat race and now chasing the sun instead, working on my own terms, from wherever I want in the world – completely online!

I am an international accredited Life Coach, an Author, a Speaker, a Blogger with a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours. This is where you will find all the pieces of the puzzle start to come together; I am not airy fairy, my head is not up in the clouds… working in Child Protection has made sure of that. Being confronted daily with high risk cases and circumstances makes me very aware of the high and lows in life, the differences in opportunities and experiences. This grounds me, yet does not jade me. I am genuine, transparent and honest.

Here I share my love and light with you, my heart felt intention behind all the work I do and projects I am part of is to equip you with the practical skills and mindset backed with the psychology, research and statistics, throw in some positive warm and fuzzy vibes, sprinkled with some tough love to help you unlock the code to success not only in your lives, but relationships and careers.



If you are feeling lost, adrift, overwhelmed or depressed about your life, I would love you to know that help is available. There is Life Above Zero, there is more to life than just “OK”, and it is possible for you to create a more fulfilling balanced life. The easiest way to change your results is to understand what’s happening with you. It is about discovering who you are and honoring your personal formula for success.


I have partnered up with a team of health and wellness professionals from all around the world to bring you your very own online health and wellness retreat called the Healthstyle Emporium which you can log into from anywhere in the world. We are all about educating you about holistic and preventative health and empowering you to make small but sustainable healthy lifestyle choices for a happy mind, body and soul.


Women really can have it all - we can have health, wealth and abundance.... but I think in the pursuit of achieving it all we forget that one woman's success is not another woman's failure. Let us show you how women all around the world are getting paid to work on their own terms while they travel or work from home by empowering others online. Learn more about Babes in Business - the most empowering and fastest growing girl gang in the world. #theBIBclique



I am on a massive mission to inspire and support others to live their own Life Above Zero, a life of health, wealth and abundance. There is so much more to life than settling for mediocrity in life, relationships or careers. So I try to drop in some love regularly equip you with the practical skills and mindset backed with the psychology, research and statistics, throw in some positive warm and fuzzy vibes, sprinkled with some tough love to help you see health holistic, spirituality as science, mindset as manageable and life liberating! I keep it real and raw with my VLOG’s where I also keep you posted with what I am learning, how I am personally growing and the people I am meeting and places I am grateful to experience on my travels.  

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We have media bombarding us everyday telling us what we need to be happy and what should make us happy. Subscribe to our newsletter get my free 1 hour webinar now which touches on the research, psychology, tips and tricks on why it it is OK to not be OK. The World Health Organization estimates that depression is currently the fourth biggest, costliest, and most debilitating disease in the world and by the year 2020, it will be the second biggest… so, I think its time for some REAL TALK.


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